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Why Automated Mastering Services Can't Replace Human Audio Engineers

Mastering Engineer Michael Cushion Jr Mastering a Song

Audio mastering is an essential part of the music production process. It is the final stage in which a trained audio engineer prepares a mix for distribution by balancing its frequency response, dynamic range, and overall sound quality. Traditionally, audio mastering has been a job for a human audio engineer, but with the advent of online automated mastering services, some people wonder whether human engineers are still necessary. In this article, we will explore why audio mastering by a human audio engineer is still better than online automated mastering services.

Firstly, a human audio engineer has the necessary experience and training to understand the intricacies of audio mastering. They know how to listen critically to a mix and identify any issues that need to be addressed. They have a deep understanding of the tools and techniques used in mastering, including compression, EQ, and limiting. They also have a nuanced understanding of how different genres of music require different mastering approaches. By contrast, an online automated mastering service relies on algorithms that cannot replace the human ear and understanding.

Secondly, human audio engineers are able to provide a personalized approach to audio mastering that cannot be replicated by an automated service. Every mix is unique, and a skilled audio engineer can tailor their approach to meet the specific needs of each track. They can adjust the mastering process to account for the strengths and weaknesses of the mix, and they can take into account the artist's preferences and goals. An automated mastering service, on the other hand, is a one-size-fits-all solution that cannot provide the same level of personalization.

Internals of the Human Ear

Thirdly, human audio engineers have access to higher quality equipment and software than most online automated mastering services. A human engineer's studio is likely to have top-of-the-line monitoring speakers, high-end analog hardware, and industry-standard software plugins. This equipment allows the engineer to hear every detail of the mix and make precise adjustments. An automated service, by contrast, is limited by the quality of the equipment it uses, which may not be able to accurately reproduce the sound of the mix.

Finally, a human audio engineer provides a level of quality control that an automated service cannot match. An experienced audio engineer will take the time to listen to the mix carefully and make sure that every detail is perfect before signing off on the final product. They can catch mistakes or inconsistencies that might otherwise go unnoticed. An automated service, by contrast, simply applies its algorithms to the mix and delivers the finished product without any human oversight.

In conclusion, while online automated mastering services can be a convenient and cost-effective option for some, they cannot replace the skill and experience of a human audio engineer. A human engineer can provide a personalized approach to mastering that takes into account the specific needs of each mix and the artist's goals. They have access to higher quality equipment and software than most online services, and they provide a level of quality control that cannot be matched by an algorithm. If you want your music to sound its best, it is always better to choose a human audio engineer for mastering.

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