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Mixing and Mastering Upload

Please Carefully read the directions below to Correctly prepare and send your material for Mixing / Mixing & Mastering (package).


To Correctly Prepare and Send your Material for Mixing / Mixing & Mastering Please CAREFULLY follow ALL of the directions below. Failure to follow the directions may result in you having to re-send your material correctly.


Create Folder

download folder

Create a new folder on your desktop. The name of the folder should be your Full Name. Within that folder create another folder named the Song Title. Within the "song title" folder create two more folders, one named “Song title (Stems)” and the other “Song Title (Reference)”. The folder should now look like this.

NOTE: Please make sure the spelling of The artist name(s) and Song Titles are correct. We will use your exact spelling in the final mixes and masters.

Image of organizing folder for uploading stems for mixing


Export Stems

Now you will need to export your stems from your DAW. To properly export the stems from your DAW please find your DAW below and follow the easy instructions. (WE WORK WITH STEMS ONLY, PLEASE DO NOT SEND PROJECT FILES, YOU WILL HAVE TO GO BACK AND RE-SEND STEMS ONLY)

For best results, your stems should be completely dry, meaning all processing and effects removed, UNLESS there are instrument tracks that have processing needed to make up its "sound".

The exported stems should be placed in the "Stems" folder you created


NOTE: To make sure you exported your stems correctly before sending them to us, import your exported stems into a new session and press play to make sure everything is correct. This is important because your song will be mixed in the exact arrangement that we receive it in.


For more information on what you are responsible for when uploading your files, see the "UPLOADING MATERIAL" Section in our Terms and Conditions.

mixing board sliders